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How It Works:

After you contact us for a quote & book your appointment, our professional BBQ cleaners arrive and perform their magic:

Full-Assessment & Setup

Our process starts by completing a full assessment of the barbecue for any rusting or broken parts that may be causing functional issues. We then set up a large tarp in order to ensure that there is no mess left behind.


Best BBQ Cleaning Ever

We use a variety of our hand tools and cleaning aids, working all the way from the hood, down through the firebox, working on each component individually to remove any traces of grease, grime, animal droppings, dead insects, and food bacteria.


We Clean Up Our Mess

We empty and clean the bottom tray, the drip pan, and the under cabinet. We finish by polishing the exterior leaving the grill cleaned and ready for use!



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Now Accepting Bookings for 2021 season!

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Here Is Exactly What You Will Get

Fully detailed cleaning of all internal and external components of the barbecue. Our service providers will start by completing a full assessment of your barbecue for any rusting or broken parts that may be causing functional issues. They will then set up a large tarp in order to ensure that there is no mess left behind.

Our approach to BBQ cleaning involves tackling each component of the BBQ individually.

  1. We start by working from the top of the firebox, removing grease or grime that is trapped on the lid. 

  2. We then work our way down through your grates and flavorizer bars and heat spreaders. We will remove built-up food and residue trapped around the grills.

  3. After, we clean the exterior of the burners and use a combination of wire brushes and poking tools to clear out every single burner hole. 

  4. Once this is completed, we clean out the bottom of the firebox and the drip tray, making sure to remove all grease collections as well as food bacteria and critter droppings that tend to collect over the winter.

  5. With the inside of the BBQ clean, we then shift focus to cleaning the exterior. 

  6. We clean any side burners or sear stations as well as the under cabinet and storage area

  7. If your BBQ has any stainless steel accents, we will give them a final polish using stainless steel compound and a microfiber cloth.

What Sets Us Apart

We do not use any abrasive grinders or equipment that would damage any of your BBQ’s protective coatings (other companies may use grinders that help make your parts look clean but also causes irreversible longterm damage).

We complete almost all of our cleanings by hand to ensure your BBQ is getting the attention it deserves.

We are Dragons’s Den Winners and landed a deal Boston Pizza’s Jim Treliving and committed to making our service the best on the market.


Dragon's Den Winners

Our technicians practice social distancing and wear personal protective equipment throughout the cleaning process.

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